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Correspondence Driver Education

For youth to apply for approval to take correspondence driver education download the application below.

Correspondence School Driver Education Application-Word-Updated December 2017

Correspondence School Driver Ed Application PDF Updated 4/16

Approved Correspondence Schools

AA White Knuckles Institute Correspondence (Fee $100)

A+ Correspondence School (Fee $125)

Cordura Correspondence School (Fee $130)

Driver Ed in a Box, LLC (Fee $395)

National Driver Training Institute (Fee $132)

NM Special Needs Driving Schools

Driving to Independence

New Mexico Contact for Driving to Independence


Positive alternatives to end underage drinking from the NMDOT

My Instead

The Partnership at

Support and resources to prevent, intervene, get treatment, and recover from drug use.

NMAA Life of An Athlete

The New Mexico Activities Association, with the support of the New Mexico Department of  Transportation Traffic Safety Division and the assistance of the American Athletic Institute  has implemented the Life of An Athlete program because alcohol is the leading drug of abuse  amongst teens in our country today.  Statistics show that nearly 60% of all seniors and close  to 50% of all juniors report regular drinking activity.

NMAA Life of an Athlete

Teen Drivers – A Guide to New Mexico’s Graduated License

Teen Drivers Guide to New Mexico’s Graduated License


Questions regarding Correspondence Drivers Education:

Cindy Sage, M.B.A., Education Support Coordinator

Phone: 505-277-0961