Driver Education: Providers

DRED Licensing

All driver education schools & instructors must be licensed by the State of New Mexico as per the NMAC.

First-time licensees are required to apply with the following forms: 

New instructors MUST also complete the New Mexico Transportation Safety Division 40-hour training to become licensed: TRAINING CALENDAR

Licenses must be renewed each year. Renewals require the following forms: 


Quarterly Reports

The licensing year for driver education begins in July 1st & ends the following June 30th. All private providers of driver education are required to submit reports to Transportation Safety Center each quarter on the following schedule:  DRED-Student-Report-Form

                                July-September Reports- October 10th

                                October-December Reports- January 10th

                                January-March Reports- April 10th

                                April-June Reports- July 10th

If your school did not conduct any classes during the quarter, please inform Transportation Safety Center so you school’s files remain up to date.


Certificates of Completion, BTW Referral Cards & GDL brochures may be ordered for Transportation Safety Center by private driver education providers. Certificate eligibility will be determined by the number of completions reported in the previous quarter. BTW Referral Card & GDL brochure eligibility will be determined by the number of enrollments reported in the previous quarter.

Please be aware that verifying numbers takes time. Please allow up to one full week (5 business days) for TSC staff to review your order & up to two weeks for shipping depending on the part of the state you are posting your mail from.  CERTIFICATE ORDER FORM


Transportation Safety Center is obligated to monitor all private driver education providers under the NMAC (A) TSC “Shall conduct periodic evaluations of driver education schools using the criteria developed by the bureau…” Please keep TSC up-to-date on your planned classroom schedules & BTW hours so such monitoring can be conducted with minimal interference.


First-time licensees are required to submit curriculum for approval to our office. Curriculum can be individually prepared by the owner/operator of the school, or you may choose to utilize a curriculum pre-approved by the Transportation Safety Division. Please note that the NM DOT Driver Education Curriculum will not be accepted as a standard curriculum. This curriculum is meant for supplemental purposes only. Please find a list of approved Driver Education curriculum options listed below:

  • Drive Right
  • AAA How to Drive
  • Glencoe’s Responsible Driving

Approval for new videos may be sought with this FORM.

Driver Education providers may welcome APPROVED guest speakers into their classrooms. To apply for approval for a guest speaker, please complete this FORM.