The University of New Mexico Transportation Safety Center is currently on RESTRICTED OPERATIONS because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please be aware that resources are limited at this time.

Contact our office by email at or if you require immediate assistance. Email is the most reliable way to contact us at this time. Our office will be closed to the public until further notice.

The University of New Mexico Transportation Safety Center appreciates your patience.

Transportation Safety Center is open from 9-5, Monday-Friday, except for University holidays. If you are a provider needing to speak about an application, please contact your Licensing Specialist for an appointment. Our office is closed to the public, so no one can be admitted without an appointment. Contact information can be found HERE. 

A Note Regarding 2020 Training:
Understandably, we have all been impacted by the effects of COVID-19.  State agencies, including our office, are required to work remotely while striving to maintain maximum services to constituents.  Although there appears to be progress battling COVID-19 there is no definitive time line to achieving operational normalcy. 
In recognition of this, TSD has directed our office to facilitate all summer driver education training programs via live, virtual platform.  Thus, face-to-face training is suspended until further notice.  
There is no expectation that the dates for the scheduled training will change, although we will now offer at least 2 dates for the 8 hour refresher training.  More to follow on that.  But, in order to access the live, virtual training, individuals will need to have the following:
  1. Continuous internet access
  2. PC or MAC with camera and microphone
  3. Ability to access free, software, such as GOOGLE CLASSROOM (You can learn more about Google Classroom here:
Because these training courses will require either student manuals, handouts, or further instruction, individuals will need to pay for and enroll in the course at least ten (10) days prior to the class date.  This will allow time for us to ship manuals, handouts, etc. for your use.
The UNM Continuing Education Center is currently on RESTRICTED OPERATIONS. Please register for classes ONLINE.
Friends, as we are all attempting to negotiate through these unforeseen and challenging experiences, we very much appreciate your cooperation.  Please feel free to contact me directly if you have questions or require further information.